Students from Caboolture Montessori School (CMS) are working with residents in Bolton Clarke Fernhill, Caboolture’s special care unit on a community arts project that will mark the school’s 20th anniversary.

Senior students have a longstanding relationship with Fernhill residents, and have visited the residential aged care community weekly for the past four years.

“We were looking at community service options that would benefit students and the organisation involved,” principal Yvonne Rinaldi says.

“Fernhill became the perfect match, because they also had an element of Montessori in their work with residents with dementia.”

Students are matched with residents and work with them on activities from gardening to arts and crafts and conversation.

“It’s been really interesting and quite touching,” Yvonne says.


“Students come back to school and talk about the feelings they have experienced, and residents are very alert and quite excited when the students are there.”

This year, to mark the school’s 20th anniversary, the school is working with artist Amelia Kalifa from The Song Room and parents, teachers and community members, including Fernhill residents, to create an interactive sculpture that will be launched on 22 June.

Students are working with residents to make a wire flower or leaf and are recording residents’ answers to questions around what they wondered about when they were younger and what they hope for themselves.

Visitors to the artwork will be able to touch the flowers and leaves and listen to the community’s stories through a tin can phone.