Helen Russ (left) and Aileen Shoesmith in front of original stone wishing well from Fernhill’s garden built in the 1920’s

It’s the end of an era and the start of a new one in Caboolture’s CBD.  The last resident at Fernhill Residential Community has moved ahead of stage 1 of the $48M redevelopment. Residents in 31 Apartments have moved within the Fernhill site or off site to be closer to family, and demolition has started ion the some of the property to make way for energy and power supplies.

Aileen Shoesmith (pictured right) will be the last to move ahead of the development while Helen Russ (left) was the first to make the move.

“I have been here four and half years and I love it here,” Aileen said. “I have lived in Caboolture since I arrived here from Leeds with my husband as a young woman.  I wanted to stay here”

Helen moved in to Fernhill 18 months ago with her late husband. “My husband and I always came here, before we needed to leave our acreage.  We loved the look of Fernhill so we made it home.  After my husband passed with pneumonia, they offered me the move and I took it as a new start.  I don’t want to move any more now, we did that a lot when we were in the air force.”

Aileen and Helen formed a friendship based on their shared experiences at Fernhill.  Stage 1 of the development will be completed in 2020.