Exploring Newman House

In the lead up to the new developments at Fernhill we will be looking back at the old Newman House and majestic gardens of Fernhill, brochures and photographs from the 1950’s have been collected to show what the property looked and how far the site has come.

In 1927 Newman House was completed and the Newman family settled in to the elegant thirty-eight room timber mansion, the house and gardens were reportedly so beautiful that pedestrians on the street would often walk up to the house and through the gardens just to take in how spectacular it was.

One of the most popular and well-remembered parts of the Fernhill grounds were the Chinese Sunken Gardens featuring a gold fish pond, bridge and buddha statue. Malcolm Newman can be seen in this photograph admiring the gardens.

The gardens of Fernhill also featured a fourteenth century sun dial which sat in the middle of a pond. Parts of the sundial still exist today and are sitting at the Caboolture Library.

The gardens also boasted an impressive wishing well, visitors to the gardens used to throw pennies into the well. Residents of Caboolture who can remember the gardens said children used to fish the coins out of the well and buy sweets down at the local shops.

Parts of this well still stand at Fernhill today – as part of the redevelopments the stones will be carefully placed into storage until the new gardens are built. It is hoped these significant and historic stones will be turned into a new attraction at Fernhill.

Fernhill also had an impressive fernery with another gold fish pond a place of quiet reflection and tranquility for the Newman family.

The magnificent sundeck from Newman house overlooked the sprawling grounds of the gardens. The gardens also boasted tennis courts and a large array of animals including kangaroos, peacocks, emus, Ginny fowls and more.

A Bowling Green was built at Fernhill for the leisure of residents, this is where the new residential aged care facility will now stand.

Newman House also boasted a Library and Lounge for the family to relax in.

Photo credit: Returned Sailors’, Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Imperial Australia League Souvenir Brochure, Queensland War Veterans’ Home Caboolture.